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Neobux is an international get paid to click program with instant payments by Payza (receiving fees apply)

Lately I have earned more at Neobux than on any other site I belong to!

About a year or so ago I read a couple of member reports of earnings at Neobux and kinda snorted .... writing it off as referral propaganda (is that the right phrase?)

I stayed with that opinion until a year ago when a friend started working the program and showed me what she earned

I had clicked for fractions of a penny for so long that I was completely shocked to see what could be earned with Neobux

Like most others I had heard all the bad things (mostly about buying referrals and I agree - I would not buy referrals at Neo but then I wouldn't buy them at any other site either) - I tried it long ago when I first joined and it was a major part of why I left the program to sit on a back burner

I was under the impression if I didn't have a load of referrals I could never earn anything

I started actively supporting the site in June 2014 and was shocked to see I had made an average of over $40 a month with the mini jobs alone in the first year, without bonuses and without clicking the PTCs - look at my recent stats ...

May  $38.00
April $10.14 (I was offline most of month)
March  $47.17
February  $71.31
January  $63.33
December  $75.41
November  $84.51
October  $70.29
September  $37.34
August  $33.18
July  $26.47
June  $24.74

Total: $581.89 divided by 12 months = $48.89 per month on average!

On top of that, for every $1.00 I make doing mini jobs I receive a 15 cent bonus - which on $581 equates to another $87.15 so in just a year I have made over $668 doing the mini jobs at Neobux and that doesn't include my regular click earnings - wow

Words of Wisdom from Belle - make money with get paid to click - PTC - and Mini Jobs at Neobux - with instant cash out payments to Payza

I do between 6 and 12 of the mini jobs every day the main trick to earning is figuring out when certain mini jobs come in - they finish quickly so you should be there when they start

I spend under an hour a day doing the mini jobs in one sitting and then check during the day for other mini jobs and the regular paid to click links 

Neobux offers a decent amount of 1 cent and 1/2 cent links as well as a lot of 1/10 centers but the main trick to earning are the mini jobs with payments which can range from 1 cent to over a dollar each

If you have any questions contact me at the GlobalFriendsOnline forum (user name - Belle)

Neobux is an international site and although many mini jobs are specific to certain countries, there are many international members who are earning very well

The first minimum cash out is $2, then the minimum goes up by a dollar per request until you reach $10 which is where it stays - payments are instant and there is no maximum cash out, but you can only request payment once every 4 days

The UK and the US seem to get a lot more than I do in Canada but I'm certainly not complaining ... I do well and can reach the $10.00 cash out at least 23 times each month - which is why I am hooked on the mini jobs at Neobux


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