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Words of Wisdom from Belle


Hi and welcome to Get Paid With Belle.

I've been involved in Get Paid to Read since the mid 90's so I have definitely seen it all - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ...

Along with the bad I have found some real gems by basically following the simple rule - stick with the tried and true.

A lot of time can be wasted jumping from PTR (Paid to Read) site to PTR site, trying each one, checking for sustainability and just getting to know the good PO's (Program Owners) who offer support and who PAY.

Make money - Get Paid With Belle - Words of Wisdom from Belle - paid to read, paid to click and traffic exchangesWhen a traffic exchange or get paid program has been around for years, offers excellent support and always paid on time then the odds are pretty good it will remain doing so.

The two things I demand from sites I keep are good support and fast payment.

If I have to wait months then I am not a happy camper and I have been known to "rant" a little at late paying Program Owners.


I have a personal relationship with many program owners who own the paid to read sites I belong to but the relationship was formed after I joined and after I found how they ran their programs.

Joining new get paid programs because your friend bought it may be a nice thing but can be the end of a good friendship.

I also learned many years ago that "nice" does not mean honest, any more than a PO who ends every email by telling us how much she "Luvs" all her members and fills the bottom with hugs and kisses means she will treat you with respect .... or pay you.

Not every "huggy" PO is a bad PO but ... many are.

Paid to Read is a business and if you want to make money ... keep the hugs and kisses for the real world.

I hope you enjoy exploring my Get Paid With Belle website and learn about / join some of the great affiliate programs which will make money for you too.


Belle's Words of Wisdom: get paid to read email, paid to click, PTP & traffic exchange programs
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