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Welcome to Get Paid With Belle


The Get Paid With Belle website has been created to showcase get paid to read email, get paid to click, get paid to task programs, affiliate pages, free PTP (Paid to Promote) affiliate programs and traffic exchanges which I have tested over the years and have no hesitation in recommending to others.

I've started something new recently and when I think of how much time I wasted ... the first thing that comes to mind is PFFFFT.

Affiliate pages have been around for a long time but I always compared the earnings to PTP and therefore, I didn't bother. The fact is affiliate pages do not pay as much as PTP but an affiliate page not only costs less to advertise, the advertising restrictions on an affiliate page is less than on PTP advertising.

Get Paid With Belle - get paid to read email, paid to click and traffic exchangesI noticed some very PTR-smart members buying up affiliate pages and that finally made me take a serious look.

I started slowly with the old timer sites which were top line reputable sites I had been a member of for a while and I was stunned by the increase in earnings, not just at the older timer sites, but at the sites I was advertising on their affiliate pages.

In the end the old timer sites folded but as I said somewhere else .... we can only do our best to weed out the baddies and I still believe in sticking with the old timers.

One thing to remember is that neither PTP nor affiliate pages are a free ride. They are an extra way to earn and you MUST support the sites by clicking, looking and when possible buying or signing up.

Of course, you cannot buy an affiliate page if you are not a member of the PTR site first and an affiliate page is not cheap. But at the end of the year each affiliate page I have "rented" so far has made me a good profit. And the clicks on the banners I advertise on my affiliate pages are gravy earnings on other PTR sites.

Another eye-opener are the get paid to task sites - also known as crowd sourcing sites.  The earnings here add up fast and in some cases far outstrip general get paid sites

Most of the get paid programs I recommend on my site are international, and all are affiliate programs with a downline so that you can make money on your own plus a little extra from referrals to help you to cash out quickly via online payment programs such as PayPal, Payza, etc.

Get Paid With Belle has been divided into sections for ease.  Paid to read emails (many with free PTP or Paid To Promote options and affiliate pages) are grouped together in one area, get paid to click which include the paid to task sites in another, and the traffic exchange programs in a third.

I would suggest you make a free email account, such as gmail, for your paid to read emails because not only will it keep your emails together in one place it will also make clicking more convenient.

You will find a short low-down on each of the affiliate programs so hopefully you will find one or two paid to click, get paid to read email or traffic exchanges to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay.


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