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ClasicalMails  ClassicalMails from the theherards6 family sites- International members are welcome
Free 6 Month Mini Upgrade to the first 200 - so be quick !(Mini upgrade includes monthly ads giving nice results)
Get Paid to read email, Get Paid to click and a Special PTP link for all members
Upgrades, Personal PTC Pages and Affiliate Pages - 20 cents for 1000 cpm are available for purchase
The free SPTP link paying 0.05/1000 is available for all members
Responsive PO
Minimum cashout is $3 by Serve (Serve is for the USA only), or Paypal
NOTE: Lower your PayPal receiving fees: min cashout at sister site fairground-clickersptr (please see below) can be combined with min cashout at classicalmails when agreed prior to requesting payment - just be sure to email PO *before* requesting and save yourself $0.30 in receiving fees!

DonkeyMails  THIS SITE IS ADS ONLY - NO PAYMENTS -  Free PTP (Paid to Promote) for all members, PTC (Paid to Click) and PTR (Paid to Read Emails)
DonkeyMails is another old timer with a long standing record for fairness and excellent support. Emails are mostly 1/4 cent - 1 cent, with the odd 1/2 cent and the PTC area is well stocked
The PTP (Paid to Promote) is free for all members to use and from 15 August 2009 earns $0.50/1000
DonkeyMails  has 4 referral levels 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1% and gives a 1 point sign up bonus when you join
Use your
DonkeyMails earnings for ads only - see the DonkeyMails site for details

Fairground-ClickersPTR  Fairground-ClickersPTR is sister site to ClassicalMails (above) and one of the theherards6 family sites run by a responsive PO
International members are welcome
Get paid for reading emails, clicking banners, and/or contests
Free 6 month upgrade until membership reaches 500, (free upgrade has ads)
Upgrades, Personal PTC Pages and Affiliate Pages are available, paying $0.20/1000m are available to purchase
A free SPTP link paying 0.05/1000 available for all members
Fairground-ClickersPTR offers Site Auctions using points and cash
Points can be redeemed for cash or advertising
Fairground-ClickersPTR has 1 referral level = 20%
$2 Payouts by Paypal, and Serve (Serve is for the USA Only)
NOTE: Lower your PayPal receiving fees: min cashout at sister site ClassicalMails (above) can be combined with min cashout at fairground-clickersptr when agreed prior to requesting payment - email PO *before* requesting and save yourself $0.30 in receiving fees!

Hot-Rods-PTR PTR, PTC (Paid to Read & Click) and PTP (Paid to Promote), site was sold twice in 2016 and is now run under the Polarbears family of sites
PTP for all members pays $0.30 per 1000 or $0.60 per thousand for paid upgraded members
1 referral level at 15% and you must be at least 25% as active as your downline or you will not get credit for them - but you cannot see your downline activity anywhere on the site so you cannot check
The minimum payout is $3 with amazon egift card in USD, or Serve for US members
Affiliate pages available paying 20 cents per thousand but you need 5% in personal earnings to get paid
You need to click at least 100 links each month to qualify for payment  

OldAmsterdamPost  There are very few programs that have stood the test of time and rightfully belong on everyone's list of "Favorites" or "Best Sites" - one program that more than deserves to be there is OldAmsterdamPost
OldAmsterdamPost is a Paid to Read E-mail site that allows anyone from the following Tier 1 and 2 countries to join and earn. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States
OldAmsterdamPost  offers paid to read emails and paid to click (both cash and points) as well as affiliate pages ($0.20 CPM)
10% referral earnings  and payment is $1.00 minimum / $3 maximum via multiple payment options - see site for details
Full receiving fees apply to payments but when you request at any of Dawn's other sites at the same time, she will combine the requests so you only get hit with one set of receiving fees

ShowcasePTR   I have always found support at ShowcasePTR to be very fast
The site is easy to use with a well stocked paid to click section
You know how sometimes we join sites and for some reason they just don't seem to "fit", then with others we feel a quick confidence and an immediate connection?  Well,
ShowcasePTR is one of those sites where from the first day everything seemed to fit
PTP (Paid To Promote) pays $0.15/1000 for free members or $0.40/1000 for upgraded members (upgraded members can use both PTP links, free members may only use the free PTP link)
Affiliate pages are available and pay $0.20/1000
but you need 3% in personal earnings to get paid 
Make money with 1 referral level earning 17%
Payout minimum is $1 and maximum is $3 per month via eGift Cards, and Serve for US members

StCashUnlimited offers paid to read emails and paid to click as well as affiliate pages at $0.20 CPM
Free Member PTP: $0.35 CPM Paid Upgrade PTP: $0.60 CPM No-Tier PTP: $0.10 CPM
Free members can promote 2 PTP links, upgraded members can promote all 3 PTP links
Payment: Free Members: $1 Payout through PayPal maximum request is $3 per month or Serve for US members
Referral Commission: 10%    StCashUnlimited has a 0% activity requirement to earn from your downline
Please note: Members from all countries are allowed with the exception of Angola, Burma, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Western Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia (including Kosovo), and Zimbabwe. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are also not allowed to join StCashUnlimited

Youve-got-ads   another top pick with PTR, PTC PTP for all members, personal Paid to Click pages and affiliate pages
I have found Youve-got-ads to be well run with good support and regular payments, the PO is a mix of professional friendliness
My ads were set up quickly and with good results. For all members the free No Tiers PTP link at youve-got-ads pays 20 cents/thousand
Paid e-mails, PTC's, PTP is available paying $0.40 cpm for $0.70 cpm for paid upgraded members only
All youve-got-ads members must click 100 links per month and have 5% in personal earnings to cash out PTP earnings - not hard, there are several PTC sections and plenty of paid to read emails every day
Click Climber and monthly click contests with great prizes and advertising rewards for active clickers
Youve-got-ads has 1 referral level of 15% and a $3 Payout via Serve (for US members only) and Amazon Gift Cards
NOTE: No new members from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India or Poland will be accepted

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