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Recently I have gotten more into PTC (Paid to Click) and Traffic Exchanges (also known as TE or TX).  I have found it easier to make money on these sites but to be honest, I do not know how long it will last. Some are approved for Paid To Promote (PTP) links which boosts my earnings.

The sites I have joined and found to be worth my time are ....
Get Paid With Belle - get paid affiliate programs and traffic exchanges several accept PTP Paid To Promote


EasyHits4u    (Does not accept PTP / Paid to Promote Links )
EasyHits4u is an okay TE where I have been paid twice in a timely fashion
1:1 Traffic Exchange with 5 referral levels 10%, 5%, 3%, 2% and 1%
50 free credits on sign-up (after you surf 50 sites) and a 20 second timer
Earn $0.30 for 1000 sites viewed and cash out is  $3.

MythologySurf  An interesting traffic exchange (or TX) and very easy to surf.
Watch for and collect cards which add to earnings and also help to break the monotony.
MythologySurf reminds me of a lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing and beneficial but not ever going to get the juices flowing.
This site has an 8 second timer so anything you promote here needs to load fast to be seen.
MythologySurf has a 3:1 Ratio and a surfing limit of 1500 a day
Commission earned on 1st level referrals upgrades and advertising, cashout is $20


Home | About | Get Paid to Read Email | Get Paid to Click | Traffic Exchanges

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