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ShowcasePTR - I am impressed !!!!!

ShowcasePTR is a site that has been kicked around like the proverbial football

I joined under Renee and she was excellent. She paid everyone BEFORE transferring the site ... but from there it went downhill

However, ShowcasePTR has finally reached a PO who cares and is willing to do the work

I hadn't been a member of Eric's sites until very recently but I quickly discovered his work ethic, his desire to keep members happy while at the same time trying to keep the site sustainable

He has taken another old timer ( Suellen ) on as an assistant and between them all 3 of his programs are enjoyable, easy to find your way and worth working

Link value is visible on every email BEFORE you click it, leaving the choice to members on what links they want to click HURRAH !!!

Make Money - Get Paid With Belle - get paid to read emails, get paid to click and get paid to sign up at ShowcasePTRI am completely comfortable continuing to promote ShowcasePTR and I hope you will consider joining me

You know how sometimes we join sites and for some reason they just don't seem to "fit", then with others we feel a quick confidence and an immediate connection?

Well, ShowcasePTR  is now one of those sites where everything seems to fit

The site is easy to use with very well stocked paid to click sections and lots of paid mails on a daily basis

Earn cash and points, points can be used for ads

2 PTP (Paid To Promote) links for free members, the cash PTP link pays $0.15/1000 and the point PTP option for points which can be used for advertising

The upgraded PTP link is for upgraded members only and pays $0.40/thousand and upgraded members are allowed to use all 3 PTP links

Affiliate pages are available and pay $0.20/1000

ShowcasePTR  has 1 referral level at 17%

The minimum is $3.00 (or $5 by Amazon eGift Card) with SERVE for members based in the USA, also by Skrill and other options for International Members
Note: ShowcasePTR does not offer a check as a payment option

Acutely aware of how much we lose in receiving fees on small amounts, when you request payments at 2 of Eric's sites at the same time, he will automatically combine your requests into one payment transaction - this will save you a lot in fees.

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